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Hazard 1000 Siren Controller

  • Brands Code 3
  • Product Code: C3-H1000
  • Availability: Direct from supplier



The Hazard 1000 SLIC (siren and lighting integrated controller) is a compact yet versatile product. It's small form factor allows it to be mounted anywhere inside the cabin and is also practical for undercover or discreet vehicles. The SLIC has a user friendly design including large coloured buttons for the most common functions. The red "Alert" button will activate all primary lights and the siren, and the green "clear" button will deactivate all lights and siren tones. 

Product Details

  • Slimline touch pad with LED backlit buttons
  • 3 siren tones - wail, yelp and hi-lo
  • Air horn override 
  • Public address (PA) feature with included microphone
  • Radio rebroadcast feature
  • Horn ring - Change siren tone via the vehicle's horn
  • Manual siren button
  • 100W siren amplifier built-in
  • Dedicated buttons to suit most common setups
  • 8 x lighting control relays
  • Over-voltage, over-temperature and thermal protection
  • Available in 12V or 24V


1 x SLIC touch pad

1 x 100W siren amplifier

1 x PA microphone

1 x Cable harness

Product Details
Current Draw 20A
Input Voltage 12V or 24V
Power 100W
Warranty 1 Year
Length 90mm
Width 15mm
Height 50mm

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